Jumeira Seascapes & Post-processing / by Amr Tahtawi

If you're a serious Amateur photographer looking to develop your skills and vision or an advanced photographer looking for inspiration and new creative set of skills and workflow, Join me on a unique 2 days photographic workshop along the long and beautiful Jumeira beach line in Dubai. We will explore the waterscapes of this photogenic area and push your creativity to new heights as we showcase the innovative hidden opportunities a coastline with a landmark like Burj el Arab can offer to landscape and cityscape photographers. Then on the next day we'll get to know creative workflow for a portfolio with impact in our post-processing session.

This workshops will help you by providing :

  • 4 hours on-location training on how to design a shot with creative composition, mood and vision in camera.
  • 3 hours Adobe Post-processing session where you'll learn how to save time while producing high quality photos that reflect your vision and mood using Lightroom & Photoshop mixed workflow. 
  • Combining motivational support and guidance, with constructive feedback.
  • Guidance to the best Locations have been thoroughly researched and assessed for a comfortable and pleasant experience.
  • Small groups - maximum 3  Photographic workshop and suitable for any level of photographer.
  • Creative eye training and technical execution with an passionate professional.
  • Introduction to Slow shutter & Long exposure photography.
  • Introduction to Night photography.

Please feel free to contact me for enquiring about availability or anything. If you're a photographer already with this workshop knowlegde, no need to worry, there will be plenty of inspiration available for new artistic possibilities, as well as a good and very friendly atmosphere. Finally, and this is the best part, together we will discover the hidden side of Jumeirha 



*DSLR or Mirrorless Camera
*Wide to Medium zoom lens(s)
*Memory Card(s)
*Extra Camera battery (optional)


*RAW files from previous day
*Your laptop with a copy of

  1. Adobe Photoshop CC or above (If you don't have it, download 30 day trial Adobe here)
  2. Adobe Lightroom CC ( download 30day trial here)
  3. Nik Collection ( Free download here

Important notes

1- Landscape photography is subject to weather. If overcast clouds exist, we will have more photogenic chances if not we will work with other creative approaches.

2- Since you will be visiting 3 different parts of the Open Jumeira beach for our locations please consider your brief time walking to and in between these parts with the instructor.

3- The post-processing / retouching session will be held on the second day in a nearby public indoors location


To take part in this workshop, you need to have a good understanding of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop basic tools as the instructor will not be able to give you personal attention if you are not at the right level for this class.