Mobile Photography Storytelling + Retouching / by Amr Tahtawi

take great photos with your phone and use it as professional photographers use their big cameras! ( rEGISTRATION BELOW )

In this workshop, you will learn how to best compose and capture images with the native camera app and 3rd party apps. You will also enjoy hands-on experience in retouching with some of the best apps in the smartphones space. Whether you only take photographs to quickly capture a memory or like take time over your creations, this course will provide you a practical guide to getting the best from your phone’s photographic capabilities and improve the quality of your images both technically and artistically.

                                                                                              All photos above was taken and retouched using iPhone 6 only

                                                                                              All photos above was taken and retouched using iPhone 6 only


Suitable for everybody with a Smartphone and a passion for photography and for Entrepreneurs, creative business owners, bloggers or visual content makers who want use their daily captured within their business.

This workshop will help you by providing

  • 3 hours mix of theory, practical and retouching session.
  • Understanding strong storytelling through using light and shadow to create stunning images.
  • Essential Practical knowledge of the leading retouching smartphone apps, how you can use them to make your images pop. 
  • App ( Free and Payed ) and accessory list.
  • Understanding what your Mobile can and what it can't do.
  • Introducing advanced shooting techniques like HDR and Panorama using native camera app and 3rd party apps.
  • Exploring ways to retouch your photos on the go.
  • Tips and tricks for best Mobile photography use.


  1. iPhone or Android Smartphone with fully-charged battery and enough internal memory + power bank charger.
  2. Your choice of free or Payed smartphone shooting and retouching apps.
  3. 2-3 photographs on your smartphone to retouch.
  4. Any accessory you already use for shooting with your smartphone.


  • Workshop fees : 650 AED must be fully paid in cash on the day of the workshop and prior to starting the session.
  • All smartphones are welcomed to this workshop
  • Please download Instagram and Snapseed from GooglePlay or the App Store in advance of the workshop ( free apps ).
  • You should have a fully functioning Smartphone camera that is not broken or ruined in any way to get the most of the workshop.
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Amr Tahtawi is a globally ranked Graphic designer, Fine art outdoors photographer, digital image developing enthusiast, seasoned traveller and a photography educator based in Dubai, UAE. Acknowledged through worldwide publications for his unique  photographic Style, He's Passionate about sharing and passing on his knowledge, Amr Tahtawi leads workshops, digital image developing classes, offers private instruction and guiding, talks and lectures.