Beauty in everyday life / by Amr Tahtawi

'To love beauty is to see the light' as Victor Hugo said, and what are we as photographers other than light chaser, observers, a creative mirror of our creator's grand poetic life. On my recent trip to Siwa Oasis 560 km from Cairo, i found myself using my smart phone equally as my DSLR. For me it's just another tool, it's the story that matters. Through my work i try to reflect my fascination for the world through any tool that can creatively render the emotions i felt back then while infront of the scene, in 'the' moment. 

Lately i found a handful of inspiring smartphone apps that motivate that creative corner of any mind and decided to share some of them with you.

No. 1 for me is okdothis app (for iPhone). An infinite photography ideas data base. where you can browse other photographers / smartphone owners ideas and get fresh new creative twist for your next smartphone shot. bottom line 'Say goodbye to creative block for good and say hello to okdothis' or so the video says.

No. 2 FLTR: Smartphone Photography Magazine dedicated to smartphone owners and the first magazine to explore this new and universal language of photography, offering an unparalleled source of inspiration and technical know-how.

No. 3 Camera awesome ( Android & iPhone ) turns your smartphone into a DSLR created by the amazing SmugMug team.

No. 4 Map-A-Pic Lite Location Scouting App ( Android & iPhone ) GPS-tagged locations, hi-res pics, sunrise and sunset times, a picture editor, and other exciting features make this app very helpful for travellers and Landscape photographers, instantly saving any location, with photos, GPS coordinates and street address. The LITE version is limited to 5 locations. In the paid version you can save unlimited locations.

Photos above are all taken by my iPhone and retouched with Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom 5.