Street-Fine-art from Espanya / by Amr Tahtawi

Watching the magical Spanish scenic view from the train window on our way to Zaragoza was more than heartwarming. Heading there with no expectations at all wasn't enough to prepare us for the fact that this stop was the main highlight of our 2014 Spain tour. Charming mood and some of the most friendly people in the world is one of the few starters in Beloved Zaragoza.

As real travellers we allowed ourselves to get lost and explore this very important Roman city founded and named after one of the biggest Roman emperors, the famous Caesar Augustus. While getting to know the main historical places of interest in Zaragoza we stumbled upon the unexpected gems of Urban art paradise around every corner of basalt floored streets and alleys. So we decided to dedicate some time and get lost in hunting more street art. And the more we discovered the eager we became from awkward spots like a broken wall with mini beautiful shapes and colors to huge three stories highly detailed murals.

Zaragoza's narrow alleys are a street art paradise ( click for a full screen experience )

It became clear that most of these painting weren't haphazard, from a lone talent or a notorious killing time activity. It is a very strong local-driven statement that each year an International Urban Art Festival Asalto is held in Zaragoza to celebrate this contemporary art among historical places with the tourist and the locals alike. with national and international artists getting their hands color dirty to transform the ruins and old abandoned spaces of the city.

Panda fun ( click for a full screen experience )

A wall is a very big weapon. It’s one of the nastiest things you can hit someone with.
— Banksy

You can find cool street art all around Zaragoza, but most can be found around the narrow streets of “El Tubo”, an area of the city known for its windy streets filled with tapas bars and amazing nightlife.

Funky colorful characters in the narrow El Tubo streets ( click for a full screen experience )

My Partner in Crime having fun in the rain with her fav wall - Zaragoza

My Partner in Crime having fun in the rain with her fav wall - Zaragoza

Even Zaragoza's local park has it's artistic share of characters and colors.

Zaragoza ruins never abandoned ( click for a full screen experience )

The details mesmerize you and gets you reading ( click for a full screen experience )

As if Zaragoza wasn't enough, more street fine art surprises was waiting for us at the next stop; Granada. Most people visit Granada to see the Alhambra Palace, but the city also hides a surrealistic street art scene first fostered by Andalucían poet, Federico Lorca, and abstract expressionist painter, José Guerrero. in other words this art form runs in their spanish blood.

The Realejo quarter leading to La Alhambra Palace - Granada ( click for a full screen experience )

Granada’s most prevalent street artist is Raúl Ruiz AKA El Niño de las Pinturas whose instantly recognizable from his magical murals all around the city. His favorite spot seem to be the Realejo quarter which i highly recommend if you're an urban art lover like me.

Street artist Raúl Ruiz's depiction of Rodin's The Thinker.

Street artist Raúl Ruiz's depiction of Rodin's The Thinker.

Raúl Ruiz paintings are often a poetic journey with murals and stanzas. ‘Cansado de no encontrar respuestas, decidí cambiar mis preguntas’ (Tired of not finding answers, I decided to change my questions) is written underneath this study of Auguste Rodin’s The Thinker (Calle Molinos).

We spent the rest of our time between eating churros with chocolate and hunting every single piece of street art we could possibly find and the only thing left now is to be in Zaragoza while this art is being painted by the renowned street art artists working and creating LIVE. I highly recommend you attend Zaragoza's annual International Urban Art Festival AsaltoWho knows, I might see you there next year ;)