Creative Friends "Eric Paré + Kim henry" / by Amr Tahtawi

Creative Friends is a series of blog post i will write for my experience and friendship with Creative people around the world, people i admire and feel lucky, happy and blessed to be around.

The first to open up this series are a couple of Amazing human beings and dear friends to my heart. Eric Paré and Kim Henry 

For a year now i've been following both on Social media and enjoy watching them getting bigger and better at what they do and what they do is simply an extraordinary passion practice. They travel for Light Painting while giving workshops on how to do it! When i first met him in Dubai, he instantly stood for a humble creative and kind person with his beautiful professional model and as time went by i got to know them both better.

My Special capture in the last night at the desert testing my idea with Eric and Kim.

My Special capture in the last night at the desert testing my idea with Eric and Kim.

Eric is the kind of guy whom i call a visionary creative. An Extreme dreamer who love to test any visuals that comes to his imaginative mind. Kim is the lady from outer space who fits perfectly in the heart of Eric's enigmatic captures and shine as the timeless angel of light to astonish you with her stillness, figure and agility!

I was lucky to have 2 long nights at the desert with Eric and Kim trying ideas exchanging imagination and tips about light, tools and concepts and it felt just perfect to learn from the global Master of Light painting in my humble opinion.

These are the results of our night out :

Eric's Enigmatic star trail capture that mesmerised me.

Eric's Enigmatic star trail capture that mesmerised me.

more of my takes below :

Now Let me share Some of Eric's Portfolio that inspired me a lot :


"This is the story of how I managed to take half a million pictures of contemporary dancers in the dark using light-painting, stop-motion and bullet-time techniques. Technical constraints and limitations of working in a 360 degree environment narrowed the visual possibilities and brought to life the LightSpin signature and flow after months of trials and errors in complete darkness." 

Little Circle is a dance film project by photographer Eric Paré and contemporary dancer Kim Henry. They first spent a few months in a tiny dark studio during a cold Montreal’s winter to capture motion in 360 degree using cameras on a circular ring. When spring arrived, they decided to get out of the dark and make a last spin, the biggest of their lives, the greatest they could achieve: a full round trip around the world. They left their tiny playground to explore and get inspired by infinite spaces: deserts, oceans, fields and mountains. A breathtaking experience where landscape blends into hypnotic and delicate dance movements. A poetic documentary by Kim Henry & Eric Paré

Fotolia TEN collaboration

This is a collaboration between Eric Paré and Mike Campau for the Ten Collection Season 3 episode 1, by Fotolia.

Finally i feel happy and blessed to meet such positive souls and creative minds as Eric & Kim
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