How to schedule and Publish Instagram posts from your computer! / by Amr Tahtawi

Instagram was originally designed as a mobile tool that let you capture events as they happen. While real-time posts are the best-case scenario, it doesn’t work for some of us at all times.

On a desktop computer you can view Instagram content and interact with people you’re following, but you can’t upload anything! Ive stumbled over a few options available to upload photos and videos to Instagram from a computer, but none of these let you schedule your content.

Now some will ask, why do i have to schedule my posts! the Answer is simple ; if you are a photographer with a load of photos in your archive or an iPhone snapper with a dying full on camera roll and you want to share all your work, old and new it'll be much easier to pre schedule so you wont have to do it daily and to focus on other stuff in life! and While scheduling or automating posts to your Instagram channel should not be the primary way you keep your Instagram channel updated. I believe it should be part of your Instagram strategy for those times when you know you’ll be unavailable. Here i share what i found for scheduling and Publishing Instagram posts from computer ( for a fee ) :


$3.95 per account monthly < 3 accounts ( Web upload + schedule posts + Multiple accounts + Multiple users )


$20 per month for 1 Instagram account ( Web upload + schedule posts + Multiple accounts + Multiple users )

Please note : All above are a third party apps and has no affiliation with Instagram, nor endorsed or certified by Instagram. 

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Now for a Creative Free twist, my dear friend Eric Paré found a very easy Alternative way to do it :

This might be a bit too simple, but I've been using this trick for a couple of months now. I usually post 3 times a day on Instagram, but I prepare most of my posts in advance. When I'm ready, I just need to press one button.

The trick is simply to prepare your post in Instagram the way you are used to do it. Once you have processed the image, added the description, hashtags and tags on the picture, go in airplane mode (long press on the power button on Android), hit the post button on Instagram, and then leave the airplane mode. Your post will hang on top of your feed and you can post it as soon as you're ready.

No, this will not schedule your posts
I've never liked using external apps to manage Instagram
This works because Instagram is not trying to post the picture once you're back online (as opposite to the gmail app)