2014 stands.. by Amr Tahtawi

Land, Sea & Air ( click the photo above for a close-up experience )

Looking back at 2014 as it ended few days ago I stand in gratefulness of how beautiful, creative, inspiring and fun this year was for me!

I stood 1200 time to briefly capture a memory i’d like to keep for myself and it turned out i have plenty that i decided to share some ( 50 images ) with the world as a motivating vibe to a more awesome year ahead. I’m very excited to see the adventures, happiness and inspiration 2015 has to offer me and my loved ones and of course to announce several great news soon (stay tuned travellers. you'll love it ;). 

Some of my Brief captured moments :

1- Eating French-made dessert in a french park early morning.
2- Riding an old vintage bike while cycling around SIWA.
3- The moment i bought La Alhambra tickets and held them in my hands with awe.
4- Happiness rush moment while mountaineering on "Sefsafa" mountain.
5- Standing in front of that ALIVE sunflower bouquet in my walk around Paris.
6- Enjoying a quiet moment in a boat alone in the Nile river.
7- Stepping inside Euro Disney with excitement and freedom.
8- Getting ready for Egypt Photo Summit 2014 event 4 hours before opening.
9- Enjoying unreal landscapes in white desert, Egypt
10- Mentoring some of my favorite students inside a very oriental timeless location in Old Cairo.

A big THANK YOU to all my friends and fans who gave me positive vibes and helped me be more creative and be part of the amazing Egyptian and global photography community.

Happy byebye to 2014. WELCOME 2015!